Foundation Solutions

Depending on the type of problem your home is experiencing, there are several different structural solutions available to you from a contractor in your area. Learn more by reading on.

Foundation Settlement

This is a problem that is typically caused from poor soil conditions around a home, or from improper building techniques being used during the home when the structure was being built. To take care of the problem, push or helical piers can be installed deep within the soil surrounding the home. The job of these device is to transfer the weight of the home off of the weak foundation and onto themselves. Over time, this helps to prevent any additional sinking, and it will support and stabilize the home.

Wall Cracks

Often times, these are caused from a rising and falling water table outside of the home. Whenever a base is built in expansive soils, such as clay, they swell up when it rains and shrink during times of drought. This puts a lot of strain on the foundation and the pressure can cause the walls to crack in certain spots. They may appear to be in a horizontal, vertical, or stair-step pattern. To take care of the problem, the cause must first be determined. Piers can be installed for settlement, anchors for bowing walls, and the openings themselves will need to be filled in and sealed so that seepage can't get inside and cause damage in the basement.

Floor Cracks

These typically do not pose a problem for the structural integrity of a home, but they must still be filled in and sealed so that water can't get inside.

Bowing Walls

This is a situation that is caused from excess hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. The expansive soils put a lot of force on basement walls and it eventually proves to be too much. This is when the wall starts to actually lean into the home. To take care of the problem, wall anchors are installed outside the foundation. In the home, plates are attached to the leaning surfaces. The two devices are connected to each other with a steel rod that can be tightened over time to provide the needed lateral pressure to counteract the pressure from the earth.

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