Splitting Foundation Cracks

Splitting Foundation Crack
Splitting Foundation Crack

A crack that appears to be splitting through the wall is often a result of excessive moisture or poor soil conditions. This kind of damage can be seen on both interior and exterior walls, and in all types of foundations, including: brick, block, stone, or poured. When left untreated, the damage gets worse and can lead to problems for the structural integrity of the entire home. Regardless of whether you are planning on staying in your home for 1 year or 50, you need to be sure that this issue is taken care of ASAP.

What are Common Causes of the Problem?

Excessive Moisture

Whenever proper drainage isn't found outside or inside of the home, water can build up next to the foundation walls. Moisture in the soil, especially if it is soil, can cause it to swell up. When this happens, it places an incredible amount of pressure (hydrostatic) on the base of a home. Eventually, the force proves to be too much, and it causes cracks to form. Eventually, bowing walls may be a result if the problem isn't taken care of quickly.

Moisture could also be in the form of a plumbing leak from a toilet, shower, tub, or sink. This water can cause the same problems - and also leave you with a moisture-filled basement, ruining anything that you may have stored here and ultimately causing the growth of hazardous mold and bacteria.

Poor Soil Conditions

If the home was built in clay soil, it's only a matter of times before structural problems are noticed. This is known as an expansive soil, meaning that whenever moisture is around, it swells up. During dry seasons, the soil shrinks. This causes the water table around the home to constantly rise and fall, and this also causes the foundation itself to shift about in place. All of this pressure can result in cracking.

Can I Fix it Myself?

It is not recommended for the average homeowner to attempt to get this problem fixed on their own. There is a lot of work that goes into determining the cause of the issue and the best way to go about getting it taken care of so that it doesn't happen again. This is something that is better left to the professionals with years of experience in the business.

Piers and Sealing

The most common type of repair for this kind of problem involves the use of piers that are installed deep within the earth in stable, load-bearing strata. The job of these devices is to shift the weight of the home off of the failing foundation and onto themselves. This helps to prevent additional sinking or pressure on the walls which can lead to cracking. Also, the openings themselves will need to be filled in and sealed so they don't let seepage into the basement.

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