Bowed Wall

Cracked Foundation Wall
Bowing Basement Wall

This is a problem commonly caused from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home. Whenever a home is built in expansive soil, such as clay, it will swell up whenever moisture is present. It also shrinks during dry seasons. This causes the water table to constantly rise and fall. The foundation of the home also rises and falls along with it, causing problems for the structural integrity of the home, and the development of wall or floor cracks, and leaning basement walls.

The force of the water in the earth eventually proves to be too much for the wall to handle, and it will cause it to lean into the home. Additional warning signs of a soil problem which could lead to structural issues include: windows and doors are sticking, cracks form on the interior or exterior of the home, noticeable sinking can be seen on one or more sides of the foundation, chimney appears to be tilting or pulling away from the structure, or certain spots on the first floor of the home may no longer feel level.

Wall Anchors

To take care of the problem, wall anchors will be installed in the earth next to the damaged area. Inside of the home, a plate will be installed on the leaning wall. The two will be connected to each other with a steel rod. This can be tightened over time to provide the necessary lateral pressure to counteract the hydrostatic pressure being applied to the wall from the earth.

Additionally, it is recommended that you get cracks repaired at this time, as well, so that you won't need to worry about seepage getting into the basement of your home.

Can I Fix it Myself?

It is not recommended for the average homeowner to attempt to diagnose and treat this kind of structural issue on their own. Only a trained and seasoned professional will be able to get to the root cause of the problem and suggest the best plan of action for getting it taken care of so that it doesn't happen again.

Getting Help

For more information, let our team help you to locate a contractor in your area who offers repair services for this common structural problem.

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